Quang Nam Rubber Co. - Initially Effective Operations

12:02:40 PM | 21/9/2006

Starting business with 10 hectares of piloted rubber trees in 1998 partially reflects the initial difficulties and challenges of the Quang Nam Rubber Company. With its great endeavours, the company has now been able to expand its cultivation area all over Quang Nam Province.
The rubber tree is a new tree in Quang Nam but the company has planted this tree on 3,100 ha in Nui Thanh, Phuoc Tien and other districts after eight years. The company is planning new areas.
The production output in the first year reached 70 tonnes of dry latex, paramount to VND40 million (US$2,500) per hectare. In the coming time, the company will exploit an additional 200-300 ha, capable of meeting both domestic and foreign demand. The firm is building a rubber sheet processing factor with an output of 5,000 tonnes per annum to meet higher demand. This is the right track for Quang Nam Rubber Company to improve its product value and heighten its position and reputation on the market.
With new advantages, Quang Nam Rubber Company continues its daring rubber area expansion projects. It has studied and learnt techniques to plant rubber on sloping grounds to widen its cultivation area. The company aims to raise its concentrated rubber area to 5,000 ha in a couple of years while encouraging locals to expand rubber area.
From its achievements, the strong-growing Quang Nam Rubber Company is believed to make a great difference to Quang Nam Province as well as Quang Nam’s people in the near future.
Minh Tan