VNPT Lang Son: Leading Role Asserted

1:47:56 PM | 2/8/2011

As a member of the State-owned Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group (VNPT) and inheriting the group’s strengths, VNPT Lang Son has asserted its leading role in telecom and information technology service development in Lang Son province in the past years.
VNPT Lang Son not only provides superior utilities but also promotes customer care. Mr Nguyen Van Ly, Deputy Director of VNPT Lang Son, said: In the past time, apart from keeping subscribers by its dominant market share and telecom and IT services for industrial parks, VNPT Lang Son has also offered many technology support policies for local organisations. Besides, VNPT Lang Son currently has synchronous, modern infrastructure and province-wide network, even in remote areas, capable of providing a variety of modern telecom and IT services and utilities for customers.
Especially, VNPT Lang Son always gives top priority to customer care in its business strategies. Under the light of business motto “rapidity, punctuality, quality and efficiency, the company has set up customer care process and frequently exchanged experience and collected customer feedbacks to provide best services for them. VNPT Lang Son has continuously renovated and streamlined the process of supplying services, developed mobile services, provided considerate services and presented gifts to customers on occasion of major commemorative events of the country and Lang Son province.
By implementing scientific researches and creative solutions, utilising researches of the staff and applying scientific and technological advances, the company has mastered most modern telecommunications equipment. With persevering efforts of all members, the company has achieved prideful results. As of May 31, 2011, the company managed nearly 150,000 telephone subscribers, over 21,000 MegaVNN and FiberVNN internet subscribers, and more than 4,800 MyTV subscribers. Notably, the unit is now holding 54 percent of telephone service market share, 90 percent of broadband internet service market share, and 30 percent of MyTV services (cable TV).
Mr Ly said in the coming time, VNPT Lang Son will continue to reinforce its capacity, improve its competitiveness and maintain its leading role in telecom and IT services in Lang Son province. Besides, the company is very flexible with business operations and pricing policies. It also applies professional business models, improves service quality, expands market share, boosts up customer care, trains and builds up capable and skilful workforce to enhance productivity, renovation and development in the new era.