PV Power Ca Mau: Firm Steps toward the Future

10:50:04 PM | 22/11/2011

In the nearly five years it has been producing electricity, Petro Vietnam Ca Mau Power Company (PV Power Ca Mau) has affirmed its role and position, produced over 26 billion kWh, contributing to the power industry development of Vietnam’s Oil and Gas sector, and ensuring national energy security.
As a subsidiary of PetroVietnam Power Corporation (PV Power), a member of Vietnam National Oil and Gas Group (Petro Vietnam), PV Power Ca Mau has been commissioned to manage and operate the Ca Mau power plants number 1 and 2 in Khanh An commune, U Minh district, Ca Mau province, with capacity of 1,500 MW and area of over 30 ha. After being constructed, tested and commercially operated, on 23rd December 2008, PetroVietnam organised the opening ceremony for the gas pipeline project and the Ca Mau power plant number 1 and 2, marking the development of Ca Mau province and PV Power.
With the firm basis of its parent company, PV Power Ca Mau has continuously inherited and upheld its achievements in production and business activities. From its opening until 20October 2011, PV Power Ca Mau delivered over 26 billion kWh. In 2011, its overall power output reached over 7.1 billion kWh, achieving 102 percent of the plan. In particular, its turnover amounted to VND 11,345 billion, attaining 130 percent of the first ten month plan.
During the five years since its first delivery, PV Power Ca Mau has strengthened its role and position. In 2011, PV Power Ca Mau’s staff have been persistently striving to operate Ca Mau power plant number 1 and 2 safely, reach power output of over 8 billion kWh, attain turnover of VND13,300 billion, contribute VND180 billion to State budget, and take part in ensuring national energy security.
Despite numerous difficulties and challenges, PV Power Ca Mau employees and staff have fulfilled their duties and reached their targets of production and business under the slogan “current year output higher than last year,” which becomes a point of pride for PV Power Ca Mau’s staff and contributes to the overall power industry development of the Vietnam oil and gas sector. From Ca Mau, the distant southern cape of the nation, oil and gas electricity has burned a torch, shining and contributing to homeland development.
Along with pursuing activities of production and business, PV Power Ca Mau has also promoted its activities of social welfare in Ca Mau province, such as: supporting a tonne of rice for 100 poor families in Quach Pham commune (Dam Doi District), visiting and presenting gifts to 20 families under preferential treatment policy in U Minh district; PV Power Ca Mau’s labour union also organised a donation event to support Japanese casualties from the earthquake and tsunami; mobilised donations to support poor families within/of its employees; according to PV Power Ca Mau’s direction, the labour union also organised donation of a three -work day pension to finance the social welfare fund with total amount of VND 500 million.
Xuan Hong