Building Hai Phong into Green and Modern City

2:06:24 PM | 4/11/2020

The Hai Phong Department of Construction has actively and effectively advised the City Party Committee, the City People's Council and the City People's Committee to complete tasks concerning the construction field, and played a considerable part in building Hai Phong into a green and modern port city.

Accordingly, the Department of Construction has advised the Hai Phong City People's Committee to approve the following projects: Ground leveling and surface water drainage planning, water supply planning, urban wastewater drainage planning, urban and rural solid waste collection and treatment planning, construction plans for seven districts, new urban area planning and industrial zone planning among others. Approved planning and projects have given a facelift to the urban space.

Many green parks and car parks have been completed, including Tam Bac Green Park, Viet Tiep Green Park, Sea Dragon Park and some central entertainment areas. Inner city roads have been renovated, upgraded and expanded. The city’s mechanism to support materials and mobilize public resources to upgrade alleys, sidewalks, electric lighting systems and urban greenery has really become more practical for building a civilized city.

The department has carried out the plan to renovate old apartment buildings and put into use five new apartment buildings with a total of 1,638 apartments. Remaining apartments continue to be deployed as planned. Currently, the city has completed 39 out of 51 first-grade urban criteria (ranked fourth nationwide) and the urbanization rate of the city has reached 46.73%.

Knowing that green parks and trees are the lungs of the city and must be developed together with the urbanization process, the Department of Construction has advised and endeavored to build the 21-ha central park in the heart of the city with famous items like Nguyen Du, Le Chan and Kim Dong flower gardens, creating the most important scenic central green space of the city. It functions as the "green lung" that regulates the air of the city. The Department of Construction has planted 1,045 trees along Pham Van Dong Road to form a green strip to welcome people and visitors to the city from the junction with Hanoi - Hai Phong Highway and assisted local people to grow 3,148 trees (as per Resolution 05/2018/NQ-HDND of the City People's Council) along 146 roads to create green spaces for the city.

Furthermore, the Department of Construction has also accomplished many main targets in its plans, with a focus placed on key areas and key stages. The department has also launched programs to execute Resolution 45 of the Politburo on building and developing Hai Phong City to 2030 and further to 2045. Administrative reform and corruption resistance are launched from grassroots levels to reduce procedures, reduce time and reduce costs for people and enterprises.

By promoting the results achieved in recent years, in the 2020 - 2025 term, the Party Committee of the Department of Construction will concentrate on three breakthrough stages to fulfill its specific tasks of building a clean and solid Party Committee; enhancing the leadership capacity and combating strength of Party organizations; and successfully completing tasks and contributing positively to the goal of completing the industrialization and modernization and building Hai Phong into a green, civilized and modern port city.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum