Improving Human Resources to Develop Hai Duong into Modern Industrial Province

10:03:37 AM | 14/3/2022

As a province with large human resources of about 1 million people in working age, Hai Duong has been implementing and building many effective human resource development projects for the locality, notably the Project "Developing human resources to meet the requirements of building Hai Duong into a modern industrial province by 2030".

Mr Bui Thanh Tung, Director of Hai Duong Department of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs, said: One of Hai Duong's strengths is its abundant human resources and high percentage of young workers. The level of education and technical expertise of workers is constantly being improved. There are four universities in the province, of which three are managed by the Central Government and one is directly under the Provincial People's Committee. There are 38 vocational education institutions including 9 colleges, 4 intermediate schools, 19 vocational education centers, 4 centers and 2 enterprises participating in vocational education activities. Out of 38 vocational education institutions, there are 26 institutions allowed to enroll and train because they have registered for vocational education activities. However, the quality of human resources in the province is still limited and is a barrier to development.

The causes of this situation are: A part of society is still not properly aware of the important role of vocational education in training human resources for socio-economic development; the mentality of attaching importance to degrees is still heavy, so it is difficult for career orientation, distribution of students after graduating from middle and high schools and enrollment in vocational education activities. Besides, there has not been a mechanism for close tripartite coordination in vocational education work between the State, schools and enterprises, and no regulations have been issued on industries and occupations that require enterprises to use trained workers. Besides, there are not many policies to encourage enterprises to use trained workers. Enterprises tend to conduct vocational training for employees themselves rather than cooperate with vocational education institutions to improve training quality. Investment budget for vocational education is also still limited.

Hai Duong province has determined that developing and improving the quality of human resources is one of the three breakthroughs to realize the goal that by 2025 Hai Duong will be a modernity-oriented industrial province and a modern industrial province by 2030 in the spirit of the Resolution of the 17th Provincial Party Congress, term 2020-2025. Human resource development must be in harmony with the structure and balance of human resources by industry and field to meet the development requirements of enterprises and socio-economic development of the province. The province will also focus on developing skilled human resources, especially highly skilled human resources, contributing to improving labor productivity and increasing the province's competitiveness; ensure the linkage between the tasks of higher education and vocational education with the socio-economic development tasks of the province; focus on developing human resources to serve industrial parks and industrial clusters. In particular, priority is given to developing human resources in the fields of supporting industries and high-tech industries, creating a breakthrough in economic restructuring and boosting the province's economic development in the coming period.

Along with that, the province will give priority to training and developing local human resources to provide workers for businesses in the province, meeting the requirements of the industrial revolution 4.0. In which, emphasis is placed on highly qualified scientific - technological human resources, good business and management staff and skilled technical workers, contributing to improving the competitiveness of the economy; effective association of training and employment; promoting the socialization of higher education and vocational education to develop human resources. Hai Duong is determined that human resource development is the task of both the political system and the whole society. The province will strengthen the management role of the State, promote the role of society in human resource development through planning, management and implementation of policies to attract investment and cooperation at home and abroad and promote human resources associated with digital transformation, contributing to comprehensive innovation in human resource quality.

Hai Duong is striving that by 2025, the province will create jobs for 36,000 people annually; at least 40% of secondary school graduates will continue to study at vocational education and continuing education centers to receive vocational training in parallel with cultural studies; 45% of high school graduates will continue to study at vocational training institutions at intermediate and college levels; trained and certified workers in the province will reach 33%; average labor productivity growth rate will reach 8.5%/year; unemployment rate will be 3-4%, and underemployment rate, 2%. At the same time, Hai Duong is striving to train a workforce with qualifications, skills, techniques and a high sense of discipline.

By Vietnam Business Forum