Improving Healthcare Quality

10:27:17 AM | 27/4/2022

In the past time, especially in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, together with the whole country, the team of doctors in Tra Vinh province have determined, made efforts, and are not afraid of difficulties and hardships to fulfill their duties of caring for patients and protecting people's health.

Improving the health system

Over the past 30 years, Tra Vinh's health sector has strived to build a development strategy suitable for all situations, attempting to promote existing values, aiming for the goal of improving the quality of protection and care of people's health in the area. Up to now, the province has a total of 2,590 inpatient beds in hospitals and health centers; the ratio of hospital beds/10,000 people reaches 25.46. The total number of employees in the public health sector reaches 3,315 people; the ratio of doctors/10,000 people reaches 9 doctors; the rate of communes with health stations is 100%; the percentage of health stations in communes, wards and townships with doctors is 100%; and the whole province has 125 public and private medical examination and treatment establishments.

The sector also continues to build and perfect the health system of Tra Vinh province for the period of 2021-2030 and a vision to 2050 in the direction of diversity, ensuring that all people have equal access to and enjoyment of quality medical services, improving the quality of the population, contributing to improving the quality of human resources to serve the requirements of the process of industrialization and modernization. It will ensure balanced and reasonable development among general and specialized hospitals in the area. It will focus on developing high and specialized techniques at the local medical examination and treatment facilities, developing infrastructure, securing essential equipment and gradually investing in modern equipment for the preventive medicine system, the medical examination and treatment system, and the emergency medical system.

At a time when the COVID-19 pandemic was spreading in many localities across the country, the sector promptly implemented and effectively controlled the pandemic with many practical and effective solutions. This included thoroughly grasping and seriously implementing the concept of "taking communes, wards and towns as fortresses, people as soldiers, service centers, and subjects of COVID-19 pandemic prevention and control"; applying the Plan to implement resolutions, official dispatches and plans from leaders at all levels to well perform pandemic prevention and control as well as social security with the determination of "Leaving no one behind". It implemented the vaccination plan for  people to ensure 2 basic, safe and effective shots in order to create community immunity in the shortest time. Currently, the sector is preparing a plan to vaccinate 5-11 year olds across the province against COVID-19 with a total of 113,536 eligible children in the vaccination category.

Contributing to improving human resources for economic development

“A locality, or more broadly, a country that wants to have an outstandingly developed economy cannot lack quality human resources, with full physical and intellectual abilities. Therefore, investing in health is investing in human resource development, in order to help the country develop strongly. Because of early recognition of this, the sector itself always focuses on the main goals, namely the goal of people's health, the goal of developing the network of medical facilities, the goal of human resource development,” Director of Tra Vinh Provincial Department of Health – Second Degree Specialist Kien Soc Kha shared.

As for the goal of developing the network of medical facilities, the sector will modernize provincial hospitals, complete upgrading district medical centers; ensure the ability to promptly and fully respond to requests for medical services in all situations. It will develop a balanced and suitable health human resource for all levels, ensuring sufficient quality and quantity; striving that by 2025, there will be 10 doctors and 1.5 university pharmacists per 10,000 people, the percentage of health stations with doctors working at 99%, the percentage of villages with medical staff working at 100%. It will develop and implement a master project on information technology application in the sector activities, at the same time, proactively and actively integrate and improve the efficiency of international cooperation.

By Vietnam Business Forum