Lang Son Transport Construction Consultancy JSC: Better Prestige after Each Work

1:55:37 PM | 2/8/2011

Lang Son Transport Construction Consultancy JSC is a leading professional consultancy company in Lang Son province which specializes in providing consultancy service in surveying, designing and investing in construction of transport works. So far, the company has designed thousands of kilometres of road and hundreds of bridges of different scale in the province.
Development based on strong foundation
Lang Son Transport Construction Consultancy JSC (LSTC) was transformed from Lang Son Transport Consultancy and Construction One-member Limited Company. Established in 1985, after 26 years of development, LSTC has now become a leading professional company in the area of investment in and construction of transport works.
LSTC has executed a lot of major and  important works, including the Vietnam – China demarcation road, the patrol border, Hoa Binh - Binh La - Gia Mien road and Pac Khuong – Thien Long road, etc., all of which are assessed to be of high quality. These achievements are partly attributed to LSTC’s efforts in applying advanced technologies in its production and design of works.
LSTC officially pursued the JSC model at the end of 2009, with its major business line of providing consultancy service in surveying and designing public works. After nearly two years of operation according to this model, LSTC has promoted its unity, overcome obstacles, acted flexibly in generating plentiful jobs, managed to exceed production plans, developed its brand name and gained customers’ trust.
So far, the company has conducted surveys and designs of a lot of major works which include different capital sources, such as programme 135, 120, soft loans, investment in border management infrastructure and Government Bonds, etc. Furthermore, the company also provides consultancy service for 33 other works. Mr Nguyen Dinh Dai, Board Chairman cum Director of the company, shares “Although some works are delayed, cancelled or subject to tough competition, the company still manages to create enough work for its employees thanks to its dynamic and creative leadership of LSTC as well as its employees’ working skills and attitude”.
Overcoming obstacles for sustainable development
Besides above achievements, LSTC still faces a number of obstacles, i.e. polices on basic construction are not comprehensive and subject to changes, which leads to time loss for adjustment. Some other difficulties can be named here, such as high increases in price, instability or high depreciation in investment in construction, tougher competition from competitors operating in the area and lack of competent officials, etc.
LSTC always identifies that production technology renovation is the decisive factor for survival and development. In the first six months of 2010, the company earned VND7,903 million, contributed VND 1,105 million to State budget; and average income of its employees reached VND4 million per person per month.
In the time to come, LSTC will continue to consolidate its personnel structure and make appropriate arrangement with a view to promoting professional capability of each employee. The company’s leaders will enhance its management task, timely examine and discover drawbacks to work out solutions and seriously implement the quality management system. Investment will also be made in upgrading equipment and technology for more effective production of the company.
Attention will be paid to market expansion and co-operation enhancement with its partners in order to improve production efficiency and guarantee employees’ living standards. With its righteous and lucid leadership, LSTC promises to have steady development steps in coming time.
Le Sang