EVN Lang Son Gains Absolute Trust of Customers

1:59:37 PM | 2/8/2011

After more than 43 years of construction and development, EVN Lang Son Company has made a great contribution to local development, especially in far-flung villages and areas.
The forerunner of EVN Lang Son was a 1,500-KW coal-fired power plant. During its initial years when the enterprise had not connected with the national power grid, districts in Lang Son province did not have power lines. During the war, the company had to install power cabinets and panels in a mountain cave. It also had much difficulty in taking coal from Quang Ninh province. However, all staffs of the company still showed their great determination to devote themselves to the local power development. In 1979, EVN Lang Son took over 4,500-MW Cam Son power plant.
In 1980, Lang Son Town and Na Duong coal mine had direct access to the national grid with a 35-KV transmission line stretching on 90 km from northern Bac Giang province. However, a disastrous flooding in 1986 seriously devastated the infrastructure system of EVN Lang Son. Then, all staffs had to spare no effort to restore normal operations.
In 1990, EVN Lang Son started building the 110-KV Bac Giang - Dong Mo power line and the 110-KV Dong Mo line connected to the national power grid. Following the completion of the 110-KV Dong Mo station, the company focused on building 35-KV lines to district centres from 1990 to 1993. By the end of 1993, all 11 districts and townships connected to the national power grid, two years ahead of schedule. In 1995, the 110 KV Dong Mo - Lang Son transmission line and the 110 KV Lang Son station were put into operation and the capacity managed by EVN Lang Son doubled. Since 1995, EVN Lang Son has made constant effort, overcome difficulties, promoted the tradition and extending the power access to remote and border areas.
At the end of December 2010, all 207 communes in Lang Son province had access to electricity, including 21 national border-sharing communes, helping improve living conditions and intellectual levels of people there and enhance national security and defence. In 2010, the company generated 240,262 million kWh of commercial electricity, raked in VND266.928 billion of revenues and paid VND24.2 billion to the State Budget.
Seeing telecom development prospects, EVN Lang Son Company decided to start with telecom service business since May 2006. With modern infrastructure, EVN Telecom Lang Son has extended 3G coverage to all districts in the province. In 2010, revenues from telecommunications business reached VND14.66 billion.
Mr Pham Ngoc Minh, Deputy Director of EVN Lang Son, said: “EVN Lang Son is always determined to improve operating efficiency, which benefits both the community and the company itself. In particular, the company attaches much importance to occupational safety and employee training. Emulative and commendatory activities are always actively implemented, creating working movements in the company. In addition, the company is always active in social activities.”
With its efforts and achievements in the past four decades of development, EVN Lang Son has been honoured with many notable awards and titles by the State and the Party like First, Second and Third-Grade Labour Orders, certificates of appreciation from the Prime Minister, ministries provincial authorities, and other organs. Notably in 2008, EVN Lang Son was awarded the Third-grade Independence Order by the Government.
Le Sang