Developing Prioritised Industries in Vinh Long

10:13:05 PM | 5/5/2015

After re-establishment, over more than 22 years of construction and development, the industry and trade sector of Vinh Long province has maintained a high growth rate.
New look
In the 1992-2000 period, industrial growth was 12 percent a year. Structurally, the industry and construction sector accounted for 9.56 percent of the province’s GDP in 1992 and 11.93 percent in 2000. The growth rate was high but the value was low because of small scale. The sector had little impact on GDP.
The average growth was 19.39 percent a year from 2001 to now. Many businesses, both State-run and private-run, have expanded operations, upgraded equipment, changed production and business methods to attain better operation results.
Up to now, the province has 11,527 industrial production units with 60,000 workers. Industry has initially supported the development of agriculture and rural modernisation. High-growth products are footwear, seafood, pottery, garment-textile, pharmaceutical, chemical and handicraft. Particularly, Vinh Long has Hoa Phu and Binh Minh industrial parks and vibrant Co Chien industrial cluster. Industrial zones invested to apply advanced production technologies imported from developed countries to enhance labour productivity and boost economic growth.
In general, over the past 22 years, the industry and handicraft sector of Vinh Long province has had considerably high growth. Commodities are made from local resources and industrial projects generate a lot of jobs for local people.
Stepping up cooperation
Currently, Vinh Long province’s major industries include agricultural and aquatic processing, consumer goods, building materials, chemical, fertiliser, agricultural mechanical engineering and shipbuilding. Particularly, the food and beverage industry accounts for 45.1 percent of total industrial production value, the highest.
Vinh Long province is calling new industrial projects engaged in new material and new energy production; high-tech, biotech and IT; and manufacturing to make breakthroughs in the province’s economic restructuring towards industrialisation and modernisation.
To boost industrial investment, Vinh Long will support businesses to strengthen human resources training. Nguyen Minh Tho, Director of Department of Industry and Trade, said to win the competition during world economic integration, there is no other way than bring science and technology to production, first to stages that decide the quality and price of industrial products. Accordingly, the agricultural sector is encouraged to apply biotechnology to breeding and production stages to create products of high uniform quality to serve as inputs for processing industries. The Department of Industry and Trade will encourage businesses to change new industries to enhance products, lower production costs and raise competitiveness.
Currently, Vinh Long is implementing policies to strengthen the involvement of government, businesses, scientists and farmers in agriculture and fishery development. "The cooperation of large enterprises in urban zones and industrial zones, including large-scale commercial enterprises and scientific units, will help to manufacture prioritised industrial products in a sustainable manner,” stressed Mr Tho.
 Kien Trung

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